What People Are Saying


Positive feedback from clients, co-workers, and even State Senators.





"Thank you again for arranging our adventure with Amy.  She was remarkable.  High energy, fun, understanding that we “newbies” but willing to push us and to teach us. It says a lot about your company (Sawtooth Mountain Guides) that a person of Amy’s character, knowledge, and experience chooses to work with you.  She’s a gem." - Stuart Shanus, CA


"Hiked and then spent the night in Sawtooth Mtns with guide Amy David. Incredible! She was knowledgable, safe, and fun to be with. Worth every penny. I would recommend this company and guide for every age and every level of experience. Beautiful campsite, too!" - Wolf Family, PA


"Amy is clearly knowledgeable about the area, backpacking, and the specific nuances she wants to share (like cooking real food!). Before the trip, I was a little intimidated by her bio-- and still a little intimidated to strike up an individual conversation with her on the trip-- but she's a very gentle and caring leader. A quiet and confident leader, which is a huge reason I think that this trip felt so much like a group of friends and people were really able to open up." - ASDT Women's Backpacking Retreat Participant, Wind Rivers 2017


"Amy was great about: checking in with people and making sure they were doing well, teaching us about packing, providing good food, keeping her cool, and providing a safe space for the group to talk, teaching risk management, and route-finding." - ASDT Women's Backpacking Retreat Participant, Wind Rivers 2017


"Amy was incredible! She is kind, experienced, strong, would constantly check in with everyone, and she truly made the trip worth every minute. I loved that she included teaching moments when she saw them applicable and everything was very fluid and helpful. I never once felt worried or unsafe." - ASDT Women's Backpacking Retreat Participant, Wind Rivers 2017


"Very knowledgeable when it comes to backpacking and navigating the outdoors. She did a great job of making this a safe, comfortable environment for all ages, backgrounds, and previous experience. Everyone was comfortable asking questions and opening up during fire side chats, which really elevated the trip experience for sure. She included everyone in the discussion and really brought us together as a group, which is no small feat for a group of women from all over the US! I liked having a phone call with Amy prior to the trip to discuss any questions or concerns." - ASDT Women's Backpacking Retreat Participant, Wind Rivers 2017


"This was beyond what I had imagined it would be. Amy was an excellent leader and the group was so energetic and eager to help one another and enjoy time outdoors. 5-star!" - ASDT Women's Backpacking Retreat Participant 2017


"Amy was an excellent leader/guide. Kept the trip safe, fun, and is an asset to Sawtooth Mountain Guides." - Robert P., ASDT Couples Retreat participant, Sawtooths 2018


"Amy David has an awesome personality and is a great leader. I don't see any room for improvement. She is very knowledgeable, accommodating, enthusiastic, confident and friendly!" - Amber G.,  ASDT Couples Retreat participant, Sawtooths 2018


"My first impression of Amy was that of respect. She conducted herself as much in a professional manner and asked important questions with confidence. Throughout the time I've known her, Amy has proven that she is an exemplary, well-rounded, and dependable student. Amy David is a leader. She constantly strives for perfection in every task she completes. Amy leads by example to motivate and inspire her peers. She also demonstrates a strong commitment to the community by participating in several service organizations. Please understand that these comments are not made lightly, few students exhibit such strong leadership and community commitment." - Dr. Barbara Leiseth, Principle, 2010


"Congratulations on receiving the 2010 Prudential Spirit of Community Award as one of two Wyoming representatives. You are to be congratulated for your volunteer efforts encouraging kids to be active, and, as you said, "to feel good about the skin they're in." Your efforts to reach students around the state and share your message about goal setting, developing a healthy lifestyle, boy and mind, are especially relevant coming from an accomplished athlete and Miss Wyoming Teen USA." - Dave Freudenthal, Governor of Wyoming, 2010 (click to read full letter)


"Your active involvement in our community has enabled you to make a difference that will send ripples of encouragement to others to do the same. By working to make Wyoming a better place to live, you have given others a good example to follow. You have made it clear that one person really can change things and make this a better world - by caring enough and putting that care into action!" - Michael Enzi, United States Senator of Wyoming, 2010 (click to read full letter)


"I was so pleased to learn that you were recently crowned the new Miss Wyoming Teen USA. The pageant has traditionally paid tribute to and recognized the achievements of young women who are not only beautiful but also rate high in terms of personality, poise, and composure. You are now an inspiration to many of your people who look up to you as a role model." - - Michael Enzi, United States Senator of Wyoming, 2010 (click to read full letter)


"I would like to commend you on winning the third-place prize at the 8th Annual Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge. The state of Wyoming is proud to have students like you!" - Craig Thomas, United States Senator of Wyoming, 2006 (click to read full letter) and Barbara Cubin, House of Representatives (read her letter)


"You recently won the third-place award at the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge. This recognition represents the culmination of a great deal of hard work and determined effort. In reading the report that detailed your efforts I could not help but wonder how much better the world would be if we all worked as hard as you did. You are truly one of Wyoming's special citizens. Your hard work exemplifies the "can do" spirit of the West." - Michael Enzi, United States Senator of Wyoming, 2006 (click to read full letter)


"We were so stoked to see this girl strongly representing women in two very different aspects. When the video (Miss WY Skis on TGR) got over 50,000 views I knew I had to meet her. Turns out she was just a great to talk to as she was to watch stomp backflips! She is a true lover of the mountains and someone who is positively influencing our community. Read her interview below and find out what's beyond the skiing and pageants." - Leslie Hittmeier, Editor TetonGravity.com, 2014 (Read full interview here)


"This down to earth beauty queen not only bakes her own bread, kills it on skis but is a science buff as well." - Whitney Chandler, Snow Bunny Magazine 2014 (Read full interview: Brains, Beauty, Badass)