Cairns - Being 'On-Track' While Off the Beaten Path

Cairn (kern) - a stack of stones often used as trail markers, built along ambiguous paths to mark the way, a sign of reaching the summit, or marking caches of resources.

A cairn represents a delicate balance, being “on-track” while off the beaten path, and reaching a high point of success. Over the past few months, I’ve reached the summit of several big goals I’ve been working towards, and while that’s exciting, maintaining momentum for the next mountain is where my eyes are set.

As climber Todd Skinner wrote, “At the summit of a great mountain, the focus should not be on how far we have come, but on how much farther we now can go.”

This cairn stands on the door step of my new house, it mysteriously appeared there, and will stay for a long time.


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