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The short film, Truth in Motion hit the nail on the head, “Skiing is a sport where action and reaction co- exist; where sheer terror and calm serenity intersect.” How do you describe the unique internal experience of this sport? Like many of my adrenaline adict cohearts, I experience time slowing down, a sense of freedom and complete eu- phoria. In the same instance, my body feels light with unlimited strength; the endorphins create a balance of excitement and peace of mind. Skiing is the perfect combination of challenge and connection to nature. There are moments gliding down the mountain where life is a dream state. The calculated risk dances with spontenaeity.

There is a high likelihood that not all people who have tried an extreme sport, like skiing, would agree on the feeling of euphoria during debatably dangerous situations. However, there is a unique population of people who approach these higher risk activities with a different mind-set: a group who thrive from adventure, risk, and connection with the natural world.

Through Action Inspired, I aim to understand the euphoric experience of adventure by being fully immersed in the adventure lifestyle, learning psychological theory and through unveiling the narratives of people who engage in the highest caliber of skill.


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